Cattle on sunrise at Dunkeld


Hopkins River Beef is a branded product of quality and consistency

Now in its third generation and for more than eighty years, the Maconochie family has raised Angus beef cattle amongst the red gums near the Grampians, in the heart of western Victoria.

Hopkins River Beef was established in 1996 to deliver the finest beef to the consumer. The vertically integrated business has grown to become a renowned cattle breeding and value adding enterprise; supplying Australia’s leading restaurants with premium beef cuts under the Hopkins River Beef label.

Our main objective as beef cattle producers is to pride ourselves on cattle wellbeing. With an emphasis on providing their complete nutritional dietary requirements every day. This ensures our beef products are consistent twelve months of the year and aren’t exposed or adversely affected by climatic variations.

As a company we are focused on promoting healthy aspects of agriculture and food production. We are proactive towards our cattle and farming systems to be healthy and vibrant. Thus, enabling our cattle to be raised and fed with consideration of environmental sustainability.

In 2009 Hopkins River developed a trademark called the “Carbon Hoofprint” which explains our systematic commitment to environmental stewardship. With an 80% reduction in reliance on conventional farming techniques such as use of synthetic fertilisers and herbicides. Our farms enjoy the benefit of the by-products our system produces that is proving to boost our soils’ capacity to cycle nutrients and retain water; hence improving the health of plants, animals and consumers.